Allen Tefft's fine artisan jewelry

Artisan Design, Passion and Craft forged together for you
 in recycled silver and karat golds.

..."Beyond the usual, one at a time, by hand."

Member of the 
Firearms Engravers
Guild of America

All of my precious metal products are 100% recycled and conflict-free!
I only use refiners that are SCS Certified.

Hello and welcome to your source for the finest in precious metal artistry with elegant engraving styles.

Distinctly unique and stylish, one of a kind custom hand engraved and sculpted wedding jewelry is one of my specialties.

Just about any metal object can be enhanced and personalized with engraving.
, rings, bracelets, cigar trimmers, money clips, lighters, knives, and even motorcycles just to name a few. 

Signet rings to cuff links, stock or fabricated, can be embellished with crests, clan badges and coats of arms to honor your family history, or engraved with beautiful monograms and scroll work.
Just a few suggestions for...

"Creating tomorrow's heirlooms today."


Each and every piece is uniquely hand crafted with
traditional hand engraving tools and studio methods to produce
for you an elegant & stylish work of wearable art.

...Simply, 100% American Artisan Crafted.